Healing Your Body With Superfoods, Medicinal Foods & Adaptogens

  • HOW to harness the healing powers of food to balance your body, mind & soul... plus how to turn them into delicious meals!
  • WHICH cooking practices destroy or damage nutrients... and which ingredient combos supercharge its innate healing properties
  • ​HOW foods interact with your genes and how to counterbalance genetic predispositions with the right healing foods... instead of prescription drugs


3 Scary Statistics About Food & Health

96 Million

Americans Suffer From Food-Related Illnesses Like Prediabetes

What's even worse, most people with obesity, prediabetes/diabetes are still gobbling down harmful foods... without realizing it! Instead of healing foods, they wreck their health with inflammation & blood sugar dysregulation.

17 Years

Since The Last Update To The US Food Pyramid

You might think you're doing all the right things like cooking with vegetable oils, eating hot oatmeal for breakfast & noshing on whole grain pastas with vegetable, but all these meals can create inflammation and even hijack your blood sugar!


Of Your Immune System Resides In Your Gut

Did you know the gut is responsible for 80% of your immune system and most neurotransmitters? Food is one of the biggest things that can help or harm your microbiome, so learn to enjoy food as medicine is key for optimal health!

Meet Jennifer Iserloh, CHC

For the past 20 years, Jennifer Iserloh has advocated for a healthier, holistic lifestyle based on healthy, delicious meals & mind-body practices from her years of studying yoga, Ayurveda and functional nutrition.

A classically trained chef and graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education, Jennifer is also a certified yoga teacher, a certified reiki practitioner, and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is the best-selling author of 50 Shades of Kale and The Healing Slow Cooker, among 22 other books.

Beyond TV appearances on The Today Show, ABC, NBC and FOX, she has also contributed thousands of articles, blog posts and recipes for print publications such as SELF, Yoga Journal, Health Monitor, Parents, Prevention, In Style, People, First For Women, AOL/Huffington Post and Livestrong.

In addition, she frequently collaborates with integrative & functional medicine practitioners on books and healthy eating programs, applying her deep expertise on nutrition and better balancing body, mind & soul.


Ready For Amazing Results Like These?

"Can’t say enough about Jennifer's books and programs. I felt really intimidated by health before I met her at one of her classes but was really inspired to learn more about healthy eating. I had no idea that I was eating all the wrong foods and doing a few other things that were causing my fatigue. Just after changing my eating habits over the past few months I've lost weight and feel so much better! I got over eating a lot of go-to frozen meals and so called "health foods" that well marketed but full of junk!

Amanda T.

Peoria, IL

"Several years ago, I started to work on healing gut after being diagnosed with IBS. I noticed that certain foods would really cause bloating or other issues, so I wanted to work more on my diet and understand if eating a certain way could help. I was really excited to find Jennifer - not only because she had IBS like me, but she's so knowledgeable about gut health and even helped to guide me to the right Functional Medicine doctor for testing. It turned out that my IBS was something completely different and now that I know, it all makes sense!"

Kimberly L.

Chicago, IL

"Jennifer makes getting healthy a lot of fun. She loves great tasting food and her recipes don't disappoint! I really like her take on self-care too, making things as soulful as possible. She is very supportive and has always been there to guide, even at times when I didn't feel good about myself or fell off the wagon with trying to eat better. I highly recommend her if you are ready to improve your quality of life."

Jasmine R.

Indianapolis, IN

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